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Tips to select best Emergency Preparedness Survival Kits

There are several emergency preparedness supply providers who offer emergency preparedness kits, but do not pick the first supplier you come across if you want the best. Having the right disaster survival kit could mean the difference between life and death.

If you still need more information on finding the perfect emergency preparedness kit, then you will find to find an expert site to do your research and find the information you need to make an informed decision. If you want that information, then you will definitely to visit, for information on all the different types of survival kits available.

Consider the intended use if you want the best emergency preparedness kit. There are earthquake preparedness kits, home emergency preparedness kits, emergency backpack kits, survival kits for cars, and family survival kits, all of which have different supplies. You should also consider the number of people the kit will serve.

Survival kits are a must have item for you to be prepared for a disaster. A disaster could strike from anywhere, a hurricane. an earthquake, a terrorist attack, a snow or ice storm or a tornado could happen at any time. One of the first things that happen during a disaster is that the vital and fundamental services that we take for granted in our day to day lives come to a complete halt. Electric power lines are usually the first essentials to fail in times of disaster. For safety and to prevent fires natural gas lines are shut down. Telephones will not work and cell phones if they continue to work will be overwhelmed with calls. Water lines also break, and even if they don’t they may be filled with water that is not fit to drink. Streets become danger zones, traffic lights are out, traffic jams, accidents or rubble can make streets and highways impassable or, at best, not safe for vehicles. Vehicles in garages with automatic doors will be trapped inside. Even if your vehicle is available and you venture out, because street lights are out you face dangerous crossings at every intersection. Suppose you find a store that is open. They will accept only exact cash amounts for whatever they have available if anything. You have to ask yourself should you risk driving anyway?

Once your gas tank runs dry you won’t able to get any more because the pumps at the gas station run on electricity. Without some other source of heat, the temperature in your house goes down and down without the electricity to run a furnace. Even if you live in the country side and have your own well, you won\’t be able to get water because the well pump runs on electricity too. Sanitary conditions deteriorate rapidly because even though you might be able to use the toilet – only once – but with broken water pipes or without electricity to start a pump, toilets would not refill themselves. The lack of electric power also means that the night is totally dark. Frightened children cling to you for reassurance.

Daily Disasters Are Happening Around The World

Take a look at what has happened in recent years. Terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in New York killing over 3000 people in a few short minutes. Pictures and videos of tsunamis that killed thousands. Any hurricane or typhoon has the potential for death and destruction. Chemical, biological and even nuclear threats abound. Not to mention the natural threats from tornados, earthquakes or pandemics.

Why would I need emergency food or a survival kit? Because of this simple fact: The world’s population rate is growing rapidly and so is the demand for food to feed this growing population. Our food demands are outgrowing our food supply recourses, commercial growers just can’t keep up with this huge demand, so you do the math.

That’s not the only reason we could have a food shortage, just look at the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. A perfect example of how a natural disaster can disrupt one’s ability to find basic living essentials during an emergency.

If you’re thinking this could never happen to me, think again!

We purchase auto insurance for our autos and home owners insurance for our homes. When you purchase these policies you are preparing for the worst, so why would you not want to be prepared for a natural disaster or emergency situation by having emergency food and a survival kit for you and your family?

I look at my emergency food storage just like I do my auto insurance policy, it’s best to have it and never need it than to need it and not have it. With my emergency food supply if I don’t need it we can always consume it.

You have a number of options when it comes to preparing for your emergency food storage plan.

You can prepare your own emergency food storage supply by growing a garden and canning the food from your garden. The best part of preparing your own home grown emergency food is, you can store the foods that you and your family know and like the most.

Perhaps you don’t have enough space where you currently live to grow the amount of food it would take to sustain your family. If this is the case you could easily purchase Meals Ready to Eat or (MRE’s) or Freeze Dried Foods by the case that is designed to last 25+ years. There are numerous companies around the world that offer emergency food kits and Survival Gear for any disaster situation.

With the recent natural disasters occurring throughout the world and the constant uncertainty with our current economy many emergency food supply companies are raising thier prices. It boils down to the basic supply and demand of their products; people who thought it was insane to prepare and have an emergency food supply are now thinking it’s not such a bad idea after all.

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